The Time is NOW…..

For the past year or so, you might have heard dancers in the industry mention or support , “The Time is Now”, which is a campaign that Dancers’ Alliance established for fair treatment of  dancers in the industry.  The campaign has been gaining momentum and DA was able to institute  the official Dancers’ Alliance Rates.  These rates reflect the importance and relevance of dancers in pop culture (music videos, tours, commercials, etc).  Many dancers are still not guaranteed the BASIC necessities (fair pay, dressing rooms, water, adequate  breaks for rest and meals, safety) and this has got to change!

“These are the rates that we can, and should demand from Music Videos, Live Shows, and Industrial work.”

In an effort to make a change, they will be holding their, “No Contract No Work” meeting in L.A. this Wednesday, May 16th 2012.  This will be a monumental meeting that dancers, performers, choreographers, agents, etc. are encouraged to attend.  They will be live streaming the town hall meeting at various locations in NY, ATL, Miami, and Chicago, in an effort to get all working dancers together for a great cause.

Visit for more information and help spread the word!!!!

Even if you’re located in areas like MD, DC, VA or other areas where the dance market is not necessarily flourishing, it still helps to be aware.  You might be an aspiring dancer or know an aspiring dancer who could use this information.

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