RVA ARTifacts

Music & Dance Uncovered”

The indie music and dance scene in Richmond Virginia has been on the rise for some time, gaining intensity every year.  It’s no wonder why our metropolis is bounding with bands, solo artists, dance companies and DJs.  The city’s rich history along with its many venues, annual festivals, and love of the arts continue to inspire talents and give them opportunities to flourish.   LipstickRVA brings you RVA ARTifacts, a site dedicated to uncovering and showcasing the diverse talent among our local artists.   RVA ARTifacts will become part of the movement to cultivate the budding music and dance scene in Virginia.  We will offer an in-depth look into the lives of DJs, musicians and dancers through artist interviews, reviews, and behind the scenes footage.  We hope to spark the interest of our peers and encourage them to support the various genres of music and dance in our city.

If you are interested in being interviewed for a segment or have footage you would like included in RVA ARTifacts please email us for details LipstickRVA@gmail.com .  We would love to highlight your talents, dance studio, upcoming show, etc.

Examples of artists we would like to include:


1.       Local bands (alternative, rock, folk, jazz etc.)

2.       Hip Hop/R&B/Jazz/Soul artists

3.       DJs


1.       Modern/Ballet companies

2.       Street/Hip Hop groups

3.      Bellydance, pole, salsa, burlesque, trapeze, etc.